HSA General Information

Once a parent enrolls his or her child at St. Raphael, we begin a relationship with the family that we hope lasts a lifetime.  We recognize the parents and family as primary educators and join with them to form a living community of shared visions.  We encourage family input and involvement in the ongoing education of their children.  We strive to create a special bond among the students, the home, the school, and the church, so that all share the strong sense of community.

One of the best qualities about our school is the welcoming atomsphere.  Many parents have commented that they "...knew the moment we walked in the doors that St. Raphael was the place for us."   We value our close-knit school and parish community and strive to make each and every person, student or parent, feel welcome and appreciated.

The Home and School Association (HSA) is an organization designed to strengthen the relationship between home and school by providing our parents with a means to gather, share information, and work together on school-related projects.  All parents/guardians are members of the HSA and are invited to attend HSA Meetings.  Please refer to the monthly school calendar for Home and School Association meeting dates and times.  

Many parents discover that they meet some of their best friends by sitting on the sidelines watching their child’s sporting events or by volunteering on school projects, such as the auction.  Families come from many different neighborhoods, parishes, and school backgrounds.  Attendance at events and participation in school activities helps foster a sense of community.  Our Home and School Association helps new families transition into our school through a unique advisory program called “Guardian Angels.”

Getting Involved

There are many ways SRA connects with parents.  We encourage parents to keep up with daily information via the SRA Facebook and Twitter pages.  The school also uses an email system called Flocknote for weekly reminders and daily homework assignments.  The school also utilizes the online grading system, ALMA.

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