Dress Code


Uniform enforcement begins at home.  Students are expected to wear the proper uniform to school at all times.  No changes or alterations are allowed.  All teachers will check student uniforms first thing each morning as part of the daily routine.

General uniform expectations:
  • Uniforms must be clean and neat on a daily basis.
  • Uniforms should be free of emblems and name brand markings.
  • Undergarments must not show through the uniform.
  • Absolutely no make-up is allowed, and the only acceptable color of nail polish is clear.  Artificial nails may not be worn.
  • One pair of small earrings may be worn in the earlobe. Dangle, large hoops, or multiple pairs of earrings may not be worn.
  • A single short necklace, with or without an appropriate small-sized religious medallion, may be worn inside the shirt.  Bracelets and rings are not allowed.
  • Dyed hair, highlights, markings shaved into hair, distracting and exaggerated hair styles are not allowed.
  • Simple, inconspicuous ponytail holders are allowed. All headbands and hair bows must be either the uniform plaid, navy blue, or black. The only monogramming allowed is SRA and/or the SRA Logo.

Although no policy can cover all issues, we expect the students of St. Raphael the Archangel and their parents/guardians to exhibit good judgment.  It is understood that the faculty and administration will decide what is acceptable attire and appearance for the students of St. Raphael the Archangel.

For students who are not in proper uniform, the teacher will send a notice to the parent/guardian indicating the necessary uniform adjustments.  Depending on the uniform infraction, parents may be contacted to bring a proper uniform to school.  If a parent is unable to come to school, the student will be required to change into a proper uniform from the supply of uniforms at school.

Uniforms can also be purchased at one of these neighborhood stores:

Catholic Supply
6759 Chippewa

Quinn’s Uniforms 
3231 Ivanhoe


Land’s End at:

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Boys and Girls may wear the following types of solid white shirts:
    • White polo-style shirt (long or short sleeved).
    • White oxford, regular collar or button down collar shirt (long or short sleeved).
    • Heather gray. Examples of the shade of gray permitted can be found at Lands End and Old Navy (see links below).

      Old Navy

      Lands End

    • Plain white cotton crew neck tee shirt may be worn under uniform shirt
    • Girls may also wear a white blouse with buttons down the front (long or short sleeved).
  • Girls in grades K – 4 wear the plaid school jumper (blue and green plaid with four button bib, and two box pleats in front and back).
  • Girls in grades 5 – 8 wear the plaid skirt (blue and green with the two box pleats in front and back).
  • Jumpers and skirts must be knee length.
  • Solid black or blue shorts must be worn under jumpers and skirts.
  • Please note that navy blue jumpers, skirts, and skorts are not part of the St. Raphael uniform
  • Boys and girls in grades K – 8 wear navy blue uniform pants with either a navy blue, black, or brown belt.
  • Pants must have belt loops and need to be worn at the waist.
  • Only uniform pants are allowed.  Denim, cargo, and other styles are not allowed.
  • Boys and girls in grades K-8 wear navy blue uniform shorts (walking shorts), straight leg or cuffed, with either a blue, black, or brown belt.
  • Shorts must have belt loops and be worn at the waist.
  • Shorts must fit properly and be above the knee in length.
  • Only uniform shorts are allowed.  Denim, cargo, nylon, and other styles are not allowed.
  • Uniform shorts may be worn anytime during the school year, at the discretion of the parents
  • Uniform belts must be worn at all times.
  • The only acceptable colors are blue, black, or brown.
  • Girls wear solid white, solid black, or solid navy blue crew socks, knee socks, plain leggings or plain tights.
  • Boys wear solid white, solid black or solid navy blue crew socks or knee socks.
  • Shoes must be practical for school.
  • No heels or boots.
  • Athletic shoes are encouraged.
  • Shoes must be laceable, buckled, or fastened with a string, no slip-ons.
  • Shoes must cover entire foot
  • Shoes must have rubber soles.
  • Students may wear the St. Raphael the Archangel Logo Sweatshirt, which can be purchased through Land’s End or through once-a-year “Big Order” through the school office.
  • Sweaters must be cardigan.  Only long sleeved, navy blue, or grey are allowed.
Dress Up Days

Students will be allowed to Dress Up on their birthdays or half birthdays.  A Dress Up notice will be given to the student by the principal.  A Dress Up notice from the principal must be given to the teacher at the beginning of the dress up day.

Dress Up days are meant to be an opportunity for students to wear nice clothing to school in lieu of the school uniform.  Dress Up clothing is loosely defined as clothing that would be appropriate when dressing up for church, going out for a nice dinner, or attending a nice family event.

Nice slacks, modest skirts, dresses, or shorts may be worn.  Gym shorts are not permitted, but uniform shorts are acceptable.  No jeans, no t-shirts, no sweatshirts, no hats are allowed.

Students must follow school make-up, accessory, shoe, and nail polish rules. 

Student dress must reflect Christian standards of good taste and decency. 

All shirts must have sleeves.