School Board

St. Raphael the Archangel School is governed by a School Board of limited jurisdiction, with designated authority in matters of strategic planning, financial oversight, advancement programs, and formulation of school policies guiding academic, business, and development affairs.  The School Board is comprised of committed parish and community leaders who bring valuable talents, connections, and resources to the school.


St. Raphael School Board Members

Pastor, Father John Mayo

6047 Bishops Pl., 63109

[email protected]

Principal, Mrs. Julie Hayes

6000 Jamieson, 63109

[email protected]

Ms. Katy Pfeiffer, President [email protected]  
Mrs. Ellen Pendry, Vice-President    
Mrs. Deanna Schneeberger, Secretary     
Mr. David Crocker    
Mrs. Chandra Ewald    
Mrs. Barbara Favre    
Mr. Steven Kratky    
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphey